Beers (Updated 14th March 2019)

Beer List
There will be approximately 150 casks of Real Ale available at the festival including beers from our LocAle brewers such as Atom, Bricknell, Crafty Little Brewery, East Yorkshire, Great Newsome, Half Moon, Old Mill, Raven Hill (NEW),Three Sisters, Vittles & Company (NEW), Wold Top, Woolybutt (NEW), Yorkshire Brewing and Yorkshire Brewhouse.

4t'sBig Daddy7.2%DIPA
4t'sSquirrels Heaven4.8%Dark
AbbeydaleBlack Mass6.7%Stout
Amber Chocolate Orange Stout4.0%Dark
AshoverCoffin Lane Stout5.0%Stout
Beartown Creme Bearlee5.2%Stout milk
BeermatsMurky Matters7.5%DIPA
BingleyBingley Bitter3.9%Bitter
Black DogRhatas4.6%Dark
Black JackBelgium Flemish6.8%Red Ale
Black JackDragon's Tears6.2%Golden Saison
Black SheepRiggwelter5.9%Best Bitter
Black StormBlonde4.0%Blonde
Black StormIPA5.5%IPA
BluebeeGinger Beer4.5%Pale
BluebeeLand of the Long White Cloud3.5%Pale
Bone MachineTBC
Bone MachineTBC
BradfieldFarmers Blonde4.0%Gold
Brass CastleBad Kitty5.5%Porter
Brass CastleCliffhanger3.8%Pale
Brass CastleFruit Lupe4.8%IPA
Brew York Jarsa 3.7%IPA session
BrewsmithBrown Ale4.2%Brown Ale
BricknellBosphorous 18756.0%Ruby
BricknellDouble Anchor IPA6.1%IPA
BricknellMinster Pale Ale 5.9%Pale
Bristol Beer FactoryIndependence4.6%APA
Bristol Beer FactoryNova3.8%Hoppy
ChantryDiamond Black Stout4.5%Stout
Coach HouseBanoffee Bitter4.2%Novelty
Coach HouseElderflower4.1%Blonde
Crafty Little BreweryApex Predator3.8%Golden
Crafty Little BreweryRed Tale4.5%Amber
Crafty Little BreweryWolf Bite4.8%IPA American
Dunham MasseyChocolate Cherry Mild3.8%Mild
Durham Magus 3.8%EPA
ElgoodsGolden Newt4.1%Golden
Enville Saaz4.2%Lager Pale
EYBFull Measure4.5%Porter
EYBOddfellows Beverley Bitter 4.8%OldAle
EYBTop House3.8%Mild
Fat Cat Marmalade 5.5%EPA Copper
FernandezBlack Voodoo5.1%Stout
First Chop Pod 4.2%Stout oatmeal
Front RowMauled6.8%Strong ale
Fuzzy DuckMucky Duck4.0%Stout
Goose EyeChinook 4.2%Golden
Grafton Framboise4.0%Fruit
Great NewsomeKoru4.7%Golden
Great NewsomeLiquorice Lads Stout4.3%Stout
Great NewsomeYan Tan Tethra3.5%Pale
Green JackOrange Wheat Beer4.2%Wheat
Half MoonMount Hood4.2%Pale
Half MoonSwirly Termination7.0%IPA
Jolly SailorRye PA4.5%Rye IPA
Jolly SailorSelby Blonde3.8%Pale
Jon's BreweryTBCTBC
Jon's BreweryTBCTBC
Little CrittersWhite Wolf5.0%Gold
Little ValleyTods Blonde5.0%Blonde Ale
Long ManOld Man4.3%Old Ale
MarblePint3.9%English Bitter
Merry CityTriple Hop4.1%Golden
Nene ValleyMidweek Bender7.4%Amber
Nene ValleySuperssonic6.0%Novelty
NethergateOld Growler5.0%Porter
North Riding BreweryHallertau Blanc4.0%Blonde
North Riding BrewerySorachi Stout 6.0%Stout
OakhamBishops Farewell4.6%Golden
Oakham Hawse Buckler 5.6%Dark ale/black ipa
Old MillBullion IPA3.7%IPA
Old MillChinook 3.9%Pale Ale
Old MillLa Bolsa4.5%Porter
PeerlessFull Whack6.0%Strong Ale
Pied BullRed Bull5.5%Red
ProspectNutty Slack3.9%Mild
Raven HillChalk Stream4.0%Blonde
Raven HillElevation6.2%IPA
Red WillowShameless5.9%AIPA
Red WillowSmokeless5.7%Porter smoked
Revolutions Swoon4.5%Stout
Ridge WayRidge Way5.5%Stout
Salopian Lemon Dream4.5%Pale
Saltaire Amarillo Gold4.4%Pale
Saltaire South Island3.5%NZ Pale
Seven BrothersMarshmellow Stout4.0%Stout
Shepherd NeameBishops Finger5.0%ESB
Sonnet 43The Raven 4.3%Stout Bourbon
St Peters Grapefruit 4.7%Wheat
StancillBarnsley Bitter3.8%Bitter
ThornbridgeBrother Rabbit4.0%Golden
ThornbridgeLord Marples4.0%Bitter
Three SistersSession Ale4.2%Bitter
Timothy TaylorCook Lane5.8%IPA
Timothy TaylorLandlord4.3%Pale Ale
Timothy TaylorNew Brew4.2%Bitter
Timothy TaylorRam Tam4.3%Strong Ale
Tiny RebelDirty Stop Out5.0%Stout Oatmeal
Tipsy AngelGeorge Shaw Premium4.3%Bitter
TitanicBlack Ice4.1%Black Ale
TringDeath or Glory7.2%Barley wine
Two Roses Belma & Louise 3.8%EPA
Vittles & CompanyTBC5.2%Stout
Wold TopAgainst the Grain4.5%Pale
Wold TopArcus4.1%Stout
Wold TopKeepers Light4.5%Pale
Woodefordes Volt IPA4.5%IPA
WoolybuttBrew 314.4%EPA
YorkCenturians Ghost5.4%Dark Ruby
Yorkshire BrewhouseDynamite3.50%Golden
Yorkshire BrewhouseFlippin'Eck5.10%Dark Golden
Yorkshire BrewhousePeach Infused pale ale4.90%Pale Ale
Yorkshire BrewhouseSpout Stout4.40%Stout
Yorkshire Brewing CoMinster Ale4.2%Blonde Ale
Yorkshire Brewing CoShang ri la 6.7%IPA
Yorkshire Brewing CoSupernatural Blonde4.5%Fruity Pale ale
Yorkshire Brewing CoWave Rider5.2%AIPA